Saint Louis Skeet and Trap Club

About Club Membership

Established 1934


Membership privileges 
  • Discounts on practice rounds of trap, skeet, 5-stand, and international trap and skeet
  • Free 6-round shooting card - up to a $49.00 value!
  • Subsequent annual renewals earn increasing FREE rounds
  • Discounts on all shooting supplies and other merchandise
  • Discounts on fees for private parties
  • Special pricing on closed-club championship rounds
  • Newsletter and member materials
  • Voting voice in future direction of club
  • Eligible to hold office on Board of Directors
  • Share ownership of equity (grounds and facilities)

Membership requirements

   Agreement and compliance with all club safety and other policies.
   Acceptance of application by our board of directors.
   Payment of dues and initiation fee of $300.00.

How to join our Club

If you are interested in joining our Club..
Or if you would just like more details about Club membership.

Email to Club manager      Or phone the Club Manager:   636-271-4210

Membership choices and cost

$250.00 Annually - Includes spouse and all minor children. 
** See footnote.
Veteran Age 65 or older
$125.00 Annually - All rights and privileges.
First Responder
$125.00 Annually Includes current firefighter or law enforcement officer.
Military $125.00 Annually Includes: Active Duty, Retired, or any Veteran, who was honorably discharged from any branch of the military. 
For a one time payment of $1,500.00 for any member who is currently a member in good standing in one of the above classes.
See details below under Corporate Membership

** Excerpt from Club by-laws:

Article 4. (a) Regular Members shall be individuals duly elected to such class of membership. There shall be two types of Regular Members. Annual Regular Members and Life Regular Members. Each Regular Member shall be entitled to one (1) vote on any question presented for a vote at a meeting of members of the Corporation and shall be eligible to hold office. Regular Members shall be entitled to utilize and enjoy the facilities of the Corporation, in accordance with the applicable rules. The spouse and all minor children of Regular Members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of Regular Members, subject only to the one (1) vote per family limitation set forth above.

About Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership Rules, Regulations & Benefits

Membership is by application to the President and the Board of Directors. The President and Board must unanimously agree to accept a membership application.

All names must be submitted at the time of signup - no exceptions. Substitutions can be made throughout the year holding the total number constant.

Membership resides with the individuals listed and their immediate families.

The valid corporation must pay structured annual dues to remain as a member in good standing.

Membership is on a 12 month basis from the first day of the month the corporation joins, to the last day of the 12 month period.

Membership may be terminated at the discretion of the President and the Board of Directors for any behavior deemed injurious or harmful to the health and welfare of St. Louis Skeet & Trap.

Each corporate member must sign a liability waver.

Corporate members are restricted from holding office, voting or holding ownership shares of St. Louis Skeet and Trap.

Corporations must be registered with the Secretary of State in Missouri or Illinois.

Benefits to Your Organization

Discount on annual membership dues

A source of professional training for corporate members and their families to learn from seasoned clay target shooters

An opportunity to network with a broad diversified professional membership

Special member discounts on shooting equipment and apparel

Appropriate company provided signage approved by the Board of Directors strategically located on the club grounds

A special company day for those with corporate membership of 20 or more

Web Link - company logo and link to your corporate Web site on the club Web site

e-Newsletter - company logo and link on our membership e-newsletter

Clubhouse Marketing - company name listed on sponsor plaque placed in lodge.

Unlimited guest/client visits per member at club membership prices but any individual cannot be a guest more than three times per year.

Special corporate member round card awarded on sign-up

No monthly or yearly corporate member assessment at this time

Annual Corporate Membership Fees
5-10 Members:
10-20 Members:
20-30 Members:
30 & Above:
Annual Individual Corporate Member Dues
$250 per member 
$225 per member    
$200 per member
30 & above
$175 per member
If your corporation is interested in one of these memberships,
contact the Club Manager- John Bauer at 636-271-4210.

As great as these privileges are, the greatest privilege you can gain is in joining with others to preserve the freedom guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. For more than 75 years (since 1934), our club has promoted responsible firearm use and ownership. With your help, we can ensure that it will be here for another 70. Only through the organized efforts of individuals can we make good on the promise to ourselves and our posterity that... the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.



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